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During the last twenty years AYALA Water and Ecology has studied and developed the technology called NBS, Natural Biological Systems which gives a solution to water shortage and water contamination problems and applied in almost every water treatment application.

In addition to the purification and enhancement of water it also purifies and enhances soil and air. The uniqueness of the NBS technology is in the simultaneous use of a range of natural elements, like plants and sediments, which create efficient and sustainable ecological system.
The range of plants along with various types of sediments and water flows enables Ayala’s purification systems to handle all types of pollutants in all environmental and climatic conditions. Stringent regulations along with conventional engineering of sewage treatment (Mechanical Activated Sludge) brought Ayala to research phytoremediation – the science that studies the capacity of plants to absorb and purify various forms of pollution – and to adapt and develop the Constructed Wetland (CW), a phytotechnological system for waste water purification. Ayala also patented the Eco-1 system for a smaller size projects. The concept behind it is the ability of water plants to transfer oxygen and other exudates to the roots zone, where a rich population of microbes, bacteria and fungus develop. As there are particular microorganisms and specific bio-flora to each plant type, the hybrid system has a remarkable ability to treat all kind of pollutants such as nutrients, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pathogens, and others.

Ayala-Us offers a Holistic approach based on her philosophy called “Urban Acupuncture”, where we identify the “sensitive” spots and treat them in order to heal all related areas.
Using its
Strategic Integrated Design, Ayala-Us visions to turn every city she works with to an Eco-city, where neighborhoods become Eco-communities that adapt smart water management, breathe cleaner air, and live in and around beautiful landscape which is being irrigated by purified and reclaimed water.
Ayala-Us also offers a twofold solution for runoff and Greenhouse gas emission problems, where she uses its technology to eliminate gas emission, to purify the air in parking lots and along Highways, and to beautify the landscape.


Vision and Mission

Integrated design