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Welcome to Ayala-US Water and Ecology Co.

Home of Phytotechnology Applications Ecological Engineering Solutions for Water Soil & Air pollution

Comprising some 70 percents of Earth's surface, water is too often taken for granted and as part of a life style. Although we recognize the importance of water to our survival, we disregard it by polluting our sources like the oceans, rivers, lakes and at the same time the soil and the air. Subsequently, we are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms are dying at a very alarming rate. In addition, our drinking water has become greatly affected as is our ability to use water for irrigation and recreational purposes. In order to combat water pollution and water shortage, we must understand the problems and become part of the solution.

We at Ayala-US took upon ourselves to study, to educate, and to offer natural solutions based on R&D in collaboration with academic institutions.
The philosophy of Ayala-us stems from the notion that nature has taken care of itself for centuries, and still has the ability to sustain itself if we refresh our minds as to how to live in and with nature in harmony, how to reduce harmful actions, and how to use nature to our advantage.

Ayala-US broader vision is to partner and collaborate with governments, municipalities, local authorities, developers, companies, and architects, in order to use our natural biological technology for the benefit and the health of all.


Vision and Mission

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